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Come on, man. This ain't funny no more. My leg is falling off.

Dude. Ever hear of a sponge bath?
Waaaagghh! Jane, stop this crazy thing!!!!
Hey man! Wtf?


Hey Y’all:

For those of you who had the tenacity and/or high pain tolerance to make it to the final chapter of As the Matzo Ball Turns you may recall my beloved rescue dog Charlie the Australian Cattle Dog and his travel companion and makeshift airbag Chet the Giant Stuffed Monkey. Well, six years have elapsed since our infamous cross country trek that had one journey ending (as well as a book) while another began.

Anyway you look at it, Chet had collected a huge amount of dirt in his snow white fur and was long overdue for a spin in the washing machine along with a nice tumble in an industrial dryer. Remember a clean monkey is a happy monkey!!! Check out the action shots from the local Laundromat that had Charlie taking quite a few whiffs of his now, hygienically compliant friend.

Folks it doesn’t get any more exciting than this. Enjoy!!!!!


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