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Congrats to these very bright students!!!!!

Good times with a great date!!!!
Action shot of me receiving the Maroon and Gold Quill Award!!
Let’s take a pic! Is this guy signing my book or writing his next novel?
Great Music too. First Class All The Way.
Yum. Matzo Ball Soup!!!

To all the fabulous people involved with FOBULA:

Friday April 4, 2014 is a night I will always cherish. It started with a warm reception from the members of the Friends of the Bloomsburg University Library Association the minute my guest Lisa and I arrived and from there the surprises kept coming. While new friendships were being made and wonderful conversations were taking place, two orchestral players, who drove down from Rochester, New York for the event, created a quaint atmosphere inside the lovely Alumni House on campus.

When dinner began I could not believe my eyes … Matzo Ball soup. The eats were amazing and the thoughtfulness involved to include Matzo Ball soup on the menu just blew me away. Members of FOBULA then spoke after specially made cupcakes were passed around for all to nosh on. The speakers were entertaining and very passionate about their respective fields and involvement in the Association. Several students also received awards and financial assistance from the organization.

One of the members, Jim Huber, gave me a warm introduction as the guest speaker for the evening. I forgot to ask him if he’d like to become VP of sales and marketing for As the Matzo Ball Turns. He pitched me and the book better than I ever could have or maybe even more than was deserved.

I felt a real connection to the audience and was very flattered and challenged by the questions that came after the presentation. Then the biggest surprise of all … my first official writing award … The Maroon and Gold Quill Award. I am honored to be in the company of all those before me and all those to follow especially since I was chosen by an amazing group of scholars and individuals. Thank you once again FOBULA!!!!

A book signing took place at the end of the evening which gave me one last opportunity to chit chat with those who hung around to get a personalized copy of the vehicle that has created more great opportunities in my life than anything to date … As the Matzo Ball Turns.

I have included some pictures from the event for your enjoyment. As always, thank you for your interest and support!!!!



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  1. Lisa Colyer
    April 21, 2014 at 3:58 pm | #1

    Congratulations on being honored for such an outstanding accomplishment, it was well deserved! The evening was amazing and I was honored to be your guest!!

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